About Us

Who We Are

Hello! Jon here, co-founder of Sagematcha -  a matcha enthusiast and an avid fan of Japanese culture. We are a small family-owned retailer of Japanese matcha and Wabi-Sabi teaware based in Sydney, Australia.

Sipping a freshly brewed matcha is an integral part of my day, like a ritual! It puts me into a state of Zen - that stolen moment in time where it's peaceful and quiet. 

Our mission is to provide premium quality Japanese matcha on a reasonable price.

Our Matcha

Creating premium quality matcha is a conscientious process, it involves detailed and precise steps - from shading to grinding the tea leaves.

Our team have collaborated with small family-owned tea farms in Japan whose passed down through generations to produce premium ceremonial grade matcha.

Our matcha is made from the finest Tencha leaves available in Japan. Our partners grind these down to a fine green powder in small batches and ship it directly to Australia via air freight - this why our matcha always fresh.

What Defines the Quality of Matcha

  • Brilliant green color intensity
  • Superior Umami
  • Highly Aromatic (Vegetal)
  • dreamy frothability, and
  • a long, smooth finish that contains crema to the very last drop.-*